CALTEX PLASTICS is a premier manufacturer of industrial and commercial packaging. We convert laminated multi-layer barrier products into custom pouches, tubing, sheets, and sheeting for the electronic, military, food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries. Our objective is to provide our customers with the highest quality products in a timely and cost effective manner. Since 1984, CALTEX PLASTICS has proudly been able to exceed customer expectations in service, distribution, and product quality.


It has been several years since there has been a Military certified static shielding film on the Naval Qualified Products List. Caltex Plastics Inc. now has in stock the latest revision MIL-PRF-81705E TY.III which can be fabricated in bags, tubing and roll stock.

Many years ago, the only Qualified Product was discontinued, so the military and its subcontractors had no alternative but to look to commercially available static shielding material. The search for an adequate replacement was a haphazard task as many suppliers offered a low and inconsistent quality replacement material. After years of development, Caltex now offers the highest quality premium material that can be used with confidence.

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