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What Are Commercial/Industrial Foil Barriers Used for?

For products that are susceptible to spoiling when exposed to oxygen, moisture or light, puncture-resistant foil barrier bags function like flexible tin cans. Constructed to meet your specifications, our commercial foil barrier wholesale products are typically made from a polyethylene layer that’s laminated to an aluminum foil layer. The result is a barrier material that’s USDA- and FDA-compliant for use with both food and pharmaceutical items.

Businesses in the commercial food industry appreciate the importance of packaging. Choosing the right oxygen barrier industrial packaging materials is as important as ensuring the packaged products are of high quality. Companies rely on our more than three decades of experience and know they can trust our production team to carefully listen to their needs and fill their orders on time — at an affordable price.

We offer a wide selection of flexible foil barrier products for commercial and industrial applications, including:

aluminum foil layer bags
multi color and size foil bags
white calvf4w bags

  • CALVF4: CALVF4 industrial foil barrier material is essentially a Mylar bag constructed from polyethylene laminated to a layer of aluminum foil. It protects against light, oxygen and moisture. With its ability to increase the shelf life of food products and protect sensitive components from corrosion, CALVF4 is an ideal barrier choice for products ranging from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to frozen foods and bulk good storage.

  • CALVF4N: CALVF4N foil barrier products are the result of a poly/foil lamination process. They have an outer nylon layer that provides an excellent oxygen barrier with a high degree of puncture resistance. Especially suitable for vacuum packaging products that have sharp edges, CALVF4N is constructed with heavy-duty interior sealing capabilities, so foods and goods that are susceptible to spoilage or corrosion are given robust protection.

  • CALVF4W: CALVF4W is constructed as a white Mylar bag with a polyethylene layer laminated to a layer of aluminum foil. It provides effective protection against moisture, oxygen and light. With its excellent ability to form a barrier between odors and oxygen, CALVF4W is an ideal choice to protect goods ranging from diagnostic medical devices and pharmaceuticals to agricultural and food products.

  • CALVF4C: CALVF 4C provides an excellent barrier against moisture and oxygen. Its applications are varied and range from packaging coffee to storing vitamins. CALVF 4C is an especially popular choice when vacuum packaging requires a barrier material with a low moisture vapor transmission rate — or MVTR. In addition, it can be constructed with a degassing valve to help provide further protection for organically active products. For decorative purposes, it’s also available in a wide selection of colors.

  • CALVF4NNX: CALVF4NNX is our heavy-duty option for outstanding protection against moisture and oxygen. With a double outer layer of nylon, CALVF4NNX offers superior puncture and tear resistance — far beyond what any normal Mylar bag would provide. It’s an ideal material choice for difficult vacuum packaging applications, especially when the packaged items have irregular points and/or sharp corners.

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Last updated: October 8 th, 2019