Quality poly bags and barrier pouches

Our Products

Polyethylene Bags, Liners, and Covers

Poly Bags & Tubing

Caltex Plastics is a manufacturer of quality custom bags and film. With our 16 mono layer extruders, we produce quality polyethylene can and box liners in many different thicknesses and widths, and with high or low density resins.

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Military Specification Pouches


We have a large inventory of materials that cover a wide range of military specifications. We can provide machine made pouches from 1” x 2” to 48” x 120”, and hand-made shrouds of unlimited size.

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Commercial Packaging

Industrial & Commercial

We manufacture pouches from all types of flexible heat sealable laminates based on aluminum foil, poly, nylon, paper, and other materials which can be converted into flat and zipper pouches, tubing and roll stock.

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ESD Bags


We offer the highest quality, most economically priced static shield packaging available. The durable buried metal construction gives Faraday Cage performance needed to effectively shield these components against static charges.

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Packaging for Food Products

Food Packaging

Our wide selection of oxygen and moisture barrier materials means we have a product to suit your needs, from dry foods and powders, to meats and vacuum packaging applications.

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