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CALVF4N is a versatile foil/poly lamination with an outer layer of nylon that provides a superior oxygen barrier and a high puncture resistance. The interior sealing film is specially formulated to maximize seal strength and eliminate leaks in difficult vacuum applications. This material is ideal for packaging items that are susceptible to corrosion, and also for food, where very low oxygen levels are required.


- Superior oxygen barrier.
- Heavy-duty, puncture resistant material. Ideal for vacuum packaging items with sharp edges or points.
- Effective light, moisture, and odor barrier.
- Helps prevent oxidation, corrosion, and moisture related damage to components.
- Increases longevity and shelf life of food products.
- Keeps out odors and oxygen to help prevent your food product from becoming fouled or rancid.
- FDA and USDA compliant material, safe for food.


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Last updated: October 8th, 2019