rolls of many colored foils
multi color and size foil bags
silver and black foil bags
red and blue foil bags


CALVF4NNX is a heavy duty Mylar bag with good moisture and oxygen barrier properties. The double nylon outer layer gives this material superior punture and tear resistance compared with typical Mylar bags. These properties make this material ideal for difficult vacuum packaging applications of items with sharp edges or points. CALVF4NNX is suitable for a wide array of uses. It is ideal for food products that require protection from odor, moisture and oxygen to stay fresh and also in industrial or commercial applications where CALVF4NNX's barrier abilities make it suitable for packaging sensitive components.


- Superior oxygen barrier.
- Heavy-duty, puncture resistant material. Ideal for vacuum packaging items with sharp edges or points.
- Effective light, moisture, and odor barrier.
- Helps prevent oxidation, corrosion, and moisture related damage to components.
- Increases longevity and shelf life of food products.
- Keeps out odors and oxygen to help prevent your food product from becoming fouled or rancid.
- FDA and USDA compliant material, safe for food.


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Last updated: October 8th, 2019