cpstat 100 different sizes
pack of small and large bags
pack of six cpstat 100 bags
computer par is stat shield bag


CP STAT 100 is a strong abrasion resistant material offering excellent electrostatic Faraday Cage shielding properties to provide a safe environment for static sensitive devices. With 40% light transparency, it allows for easy identification of the package components. Designed to protect hard drives, memory modules, processors aand other sensitive ICs and populated circuit boards.

This metal-in, five layer lamination provides superior protection from punctures and tears. Our bags are printed with a thermal transfer process which does not damage the electrical and physical integrity of the bag. Available in three styles; recloseable lip & tape, zipper, and flat which is heat sealable.

- ANSI/ESD S20.20 program compliant.
- Standard References: ANSI/ESD S541, and ANSI/ESD S11.4 Level 3.


- Ideal for packaging computer componenets and other populated circuit boards.
- Extremely durable buried metal construction give Faraday Cage performance needed to shield against static charges.
- Available in three styles: recloseable lip & tape, zipper, and flat.
- Contains no amines or amides, is N-Octanoic acid free and is polycarbonate compatible.
- Custom printing and thermal transfer are available.
- Side gussett, bottom gussett, and T-Seal bag configurations.
- Lead-free RoHS 2, REACH, Conflict Minerals compliant.

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