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Electrostatic Discharge Bags

When you need to protect sensitive products — such as electronic components — that are susceptible to damage or even explosion from electrostatic discharges, look no further than Caltex Plastics. Our wide assortment of small and large ESD static bags are durable and economically priced — and they provide excellent Faraday cage performance.

In addition to our wholesale static shielding bags and black conductive plastic packaging, we offer MIL-SPEC-qualified static-shielding bags for robust protection of military components and munitions. Businesses ranging from electronics manufacturers to defense contractors trust the name Caltex because they know our products and services are among the best in the business. For well over 30 years, we’ve been providing our customers with one of the largest selections of rollstock. Plus, we operate on a 24/7 schedule so that both small and large orders are filled quickly and affordably.

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Characteristics - Applications

Static-shielding bags are primarily used to store items like printed circuit boards, network cards and other pieces of electronic circuitry that may be impaired if they come in contact with an electrostatic discharge — or ESD. The level of sensitivity of some components can be so great that even an electric shock from the touch of a human hand can harm their performance.

With such varying applications — from advanced electronics to military-grade items — antistatic bags are a primary method of packaging, storing and transporting items with ESD sensitivity. Quite often, these types of bags are made from polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate — or PET — and are recognizable by their characteristic colors, such as silver, pink and black.

In addition to pouches and bags, antistatic packaging material can also take the form of bubble wrap and other types of sheeting. Multiple static-proof layers of protection are often needed to meet a specific industry’s requirements for the safe handling, shipping and transportation of sensitive items.

The construction of antistatic bags is often accomplished by layering in the form of a conductive metal — such as aluminum — along with a plastic layer that’s dielectric thanks to a coating that allows it to dissipate static. The result is a shield as well as a barrier that’s non-conductive and forms a protective space with the same characteristics of a Faraday cage.

As an example of our ESD packaging materials, we offer CP BLACKSTAT that’s made from compressed carbon combined with polyethylene. Its multilayer design provides excellent protection for everything from electronic components to explosive devices that are susceptible to any forms of sparking. In addition, it provides protection against abrasions, ultraviolet light and even moisture if the bag is heat sealed.

For an economical way of protecting components against ESD and moisture, we offer CALDRY 100 as an alternative to more expensive nylon/foil laminates. With a multi-layer composition and a low MVTR, CALDRY 100 offers cost-effective protection against static fields, moisture and tribocharging.

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vacuum seal stat shield bags
vacuum seal esd packaging

Static Shielding

We offer the highest quality, most economically priced static shield packaging available. With 40% light transparency, it allows for easy identification of IC's (integrated circuits) and PCB's (printed circuit boards). The extremely durable buried metal construction gives Faraday Cage performance needed to effectively shield these components against static charge. Additionally, we have a QPL Mil-SPEC qualified, static shield CPSTAT 100M (MIL-PRF 81705E TY III, CL.2).

Moisture Barrier

To suit customer needs, the moisture barrier line from Caltex Plastics provides varying levels of barrier and ESD protection. The materials range from 3.6 mil to 8 mil in thickness and from transparent or semi transparent to opaque in appearance. These products are also MVTR and are designed for vacuum.

Anti-Static / Black Conductive

The static dissipative line produced by Caltex Plastics is an amine-free polyethylene material that is also humidity independent and N-Octonoic acid free. The special blend of resins does not promote corrosion and has no measurable outgassing. Our Blackstat is a volume loaded black conductive plastic packaging material containing carbon and used to package static sensitive electronic components and explosive devices susceptible to sparking. This material is non abrasive and non-contaminating. Because this film is extruded with resin containing EVA, it exhibits excellent puncture and tear resistance along with good seal integrity.

Caltex Plastics — Protecting What You Value Most

As your premier esd bag manufacturer, we produce custom bags, pouches, tubing and sheeting for a wide range of multi-layer barrier products. We use only high-quality materials and have an extensive warehousing network, so orders can be filled to meet even the tightest turnaround times.

Since 1984, we’ve been providing our customers with the most affordable packaging solutions in the quickest manner possible. For more information about our ESD static bags and packaging materials, contact us today.

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