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Foil Barrier Packaging for Food Preservation

Food products require protection from oxygen, light, moisture and odors to maintain their taste and quality, especially if they're going to be spending a decent amount of time on store shelves. Choosing an appropriate barrier material for your packaging can help extend the shelf life of your products.

At Caltex Plastics, we offer a selection of high-quality foil barrier packaging materials for foods. Our food packaging products can provide effective long-term storage and protection for a variety of food items, including:

  • Dried foods
  • Food rations
  • Beef, fish and poultry

  • Frozen foods
  • Snack foods
  • Spices

  • Powders and mixes
  • Liquids

The ideal packaging solution for your food product will depend on its preservation requirements. However, foil barrier packaging can prove useful in many vacuum packing and long-term storage applications.

aluminum foil layer bags
rolls of many colored foils
multi color and size foil bags


CALVF4 is a mylar food packaging material that features a polyethylene layer laminated to an aluminum foil layer. Opaque bags made from this material provide an effective barrier against light, oxygen, moisture and odor, which helps keep food fresh longer.

Mylar CALVF4 food packaging is an FDA and USDA compliant material that's safe for use in food applications. It's ideal for packaging foods that require low oxygen levels to retain freshness.


CALVF4N is versatile packaging material composed of foil/poly laminate with a nylon outer layer to provide a strong oxygen barrier and increased puncture resistance. This durable material is perfect for vacuum packing products with sharp points or edges.

CALVF4N also features an interior sealing film specially designed to maximize seal strength and prevent leaking. As a result, many food processors find it useful in tackling difficult vacuum sealing applications and in packaging food that requires a quality oxygen barrier.

CALVF4N provides full protection against light, oxygen and odors to extend the lifespan of food products.


CALVF4NNX is a heavy-duty food packaging material. A double nylon outer layer gives these bags good oxygen and moisture protection as well as tear and puncture resistance greater than the typical mylar bag.

As a tough, high-performance packaging product, CALVF4NNX is ideal for vacuum packing applications and for packaging items that require a superior oxygen barrier.

Bags made out of this FDA and USDA-compliant material can protect against oxygen, moisture, odor and light, allowing it to significantly increase product shelf life.

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Choosing an effective foil barrier packaging solution is one of the best ways to ensure your product lasts as long as intended. When searching for wholesale mylar food packaging, you need to find a product that's proven to perform.

At Caltex Plastics, you'll find foil barrier packaging to meet your product's requirements. We test all our materials in a laboratory to ensure they meet our stated product specifications, so you can feel confident in your packaging's ability to hold up against oxygen, moisture and other elements that impact food products.

If you're looking for mylar food packaging, Caltex Plastics can help. Contact us today to learn more about our products and their capabilities.

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