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Metalized Barrier Packaging for Food Preservation

Many food products require special packaging to maintain their freshness during the storage, transport and retail sale processes. To preserve these foods properly, you need a packaging material that provides a strong barrier against oxygen, moisture, odors and other external influences that could damage the product's quality or cause it to spoil.

At Caltex Plastics, we offer high-quality metalized barrier packaging for food products. You can use our metalized packaging materials for odor barrier, vacuum packing and decorative applications. We offer packaging products that can effectively store and preserve:

  • Dried foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Snack foods

  • Spices
  • Powders

  • Liquids
  • Food rations

Though the barrier packaging that's right for you will depend on your product and its specific preservation requirements, you're likely to find a product that meets your specifications in our wide selection.

Read on to learn more about the metalized barrier food packaging materials we offer.


CALVF4M is an FDA-approved food packaging material that offers exceptional protection against corrosion and moisture. Use the metalized material to package powders and food-related products for one year from the date of manufacture if the product is stored at a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and at a humidity between 40 and 60 percent. This packaging is ideal for dried foods such as snacks and spices, as well as liquids.

Physical properties are as follows:

  • Thickness: 3 mil
  • Bursting strength: Greater than 60 psi

  • Puncture strength: Greater than 14.5 psi
  • O 2 transmission rate: 0.03 cc/100 inches 2 in 24 hours

  • Moisture vapor transmission rate: 0.05 grams/100 inches 2 in 24 hours

multiple sizes of calvf4m bags
large metallic calvf4m bag
small metallic calvf4m bag


CALVF4M 2.5 is a wholesale food packaging solution slightly thinner than the CALVF4M. It also effectively protects liquids and dried foods against moisture and corrosion, and it's FDA-approved. Like CALVF4M bags, CALVF4M 2.5 packaging materials can store products for one year from the manufacture date when stored at a humidity between 40 and 60 percent at a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The physical properties of CALVF4M 2.5 packaging include:

  • Thickness: 2.5 mil
  • Bursting strength: Greater than 50 psi

  • Puncture strength: Greater than 12 psi
  • O 2 transmission rate: 0.04 cc/100 inches 2 in 24 hours

  • Moisture vapor transmission rate: 0.05 grams/100 inches 2 in 24 hours

reflective metallic bags
front of metallic bag
back of metallic bag


CALPAC 100 vacuum packaging materials are ideal for numerous food-related purposes. These FDA-approved food storage solutions can hold dried food, powders and liquids, as well as frozen foods. The vacuum packaging is ideal for long-term food storage applications.

Physical properties include:

  • Thickness: 3.6 mil
  • Bursting strength: 84 psi
  • Puncture strength: Greater than 20 pounds

  • Moisture vapor transmission rate: 0.02 grams/100 inches 2 in 24 hours
  • Tear strength: MD 4.7 pounds, TD 4.3 pounds

  • Tensile strength: 9,000 MD psi, 10,500 TD psi
  • Elongation: MD 98 percent, TD 80 percent
  • Light transmission: Less than .01 percent

metalized food bags
metalized food barrier
calpac 100 metalized material


CALPAC 1500 is one of the best dry packaging bags available today. You can package even the most moisture-sensitive products using the material's vacuum packaging design. Its exceptional thickness, high puncture resistance and low moisture vapor transmission rate make it ideal for long-term storage. Use CALPAC 1500 to store dry foods and food rations, powders and other food-related products.

Physical properties of CALPAC 1500 packaging solutions are as follows:

  • Thickness: 7 mil
  • Bursting strength: 130 psi
  • Puncture strength: Greater than 33 pounds
  • O2 transmission rate: 0.0005 cc/100 inches 2 in 24 hours

  • Moisture vapor transmission rate: Less than 0.006 grams/100 inches 2 in 24 hours
  • Tear strength: MD 5.8 pounds, TD 7.5 pounds
  • Tensile strength: 1,100 MD psi, 1,300 TD psi

  • Heat seal strength: Greater than 11 pounds/inch
  • Elongation: MD 40 percent, TD 74 percent
  • Light transmission: Less than .01 percent

metalized food packaging
calpac 1500 metalized packaging
calpac 1500 metalized barrier

Why Shop With Caltex

The packaging you choose influences the longevity and quality of your food product. Choosing a high-quality metalized barrier packaging material can extend your product's shelf life and keep it safe for consumption as long as intended.

If you're searching for wholesale food packaging, Caltex Plastics can help. We supply food processors with metalized and other packaging products to keep food fresh.

To ensure our packaging performs as stated, we test all our materials in a laboratory setting. This means you can always count on your product's packaging to perform properly up to their listed specifications.

For more information on our packaging materials and their capabilities, contact us today

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