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Agricultural products refer to a vast selection of crops, livestock, and livestock products. At Caltex Plastics, we carry various packaging solutions to ship, store and sell these goods. 

The Importance of Packaging in Agriculture

Many agricultural products are perishable. Foods and other items may be sensitive to light or moisture, and oxygen can speed up the spoiling process. Quality packaging designed to store and protect agricultural goods is essential for minimizing losses. 

Often, materials must meet unique packaging criteria in agriculture applications. For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) imposes regulations on certain goods, including food.

Our Agricultural Packaging Materials

We carry various agricultural packaging materials, including sales packaging and bulk solutions. All materials are available in roll stock, and we have the largest selection of roll stock available from a single manufacturer. 

Retail Pouches and Bags

Packaging agricultural goods for sale requires an effective solution that preserves perishable goods and attracts customers. At Caltex Plastics, we carry pouches and bags that hold various products from storage and shipping to retail. We offer three major types of food packaging for agricultural products:

  • Clear barrier: Several materials are available for these clear barrier bags. Some have special benefits, including protection against oxygen, compatibility with vacuum sealing, improved performance with refrigeration and protection from odors. Clear barriers are ideal for products that customers want to visually inspect before buying. 
  • Foil barrier: These barrier bags work for long storage periods. Their opaque material protects goods from light, oxygen, moisture and odors. This resistance can keep agricultural products fresh during their time in storage and on the shelf. 
  • Metalized barrier: Metalized barriers are quality packaging. Many materials are compatible with vacuum sealing, decorations and other alterations that make using them for packaging more efficient and effective. 

Caltex Plastics also offers customization services. We can print logos, labels and other information on your packaging to help strengthen your brand and identify your product. 

Bulk Bags and Polyethylene Liners

Polyethylene — or poly bin — liners are a versatile way to add a protective lining to various packaging, including bulk bags and boxes. These liners are also important for preventing powder and other fine products from falling through the exposed weaves and seams of various agricultural packaging materials. Poly liners can improve shipping and spring practices for almost any goods. 

Since agricultural goods are often ground or cut into small pieces, poly liners are common in the agricultural and food industries. A minuscule amount of contaminants can ruin bulk amounts of product. These liners can prevent the loss of bulk agricultural goods. 

Choose Caltex Plastics as Your Agricultural Packaging Company

Over the last 35 years, Caltex Plastics has become one of the leading suppliers for plastic packaging products. We carry an extensive variety of packaging solutions for various industries, including agriculture. Enjoy fast lead times and competitive prices when you source your packaging materials through Caltex Plastics. 

Contact the team at Caltex Plastics today to learn more about our offerings for packaging agricultural products. 

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019