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The aerospace industry follows stringent safety measures in everything it does, including the transport and storage of aircraft parts. A majority of these objects are uniquely shaped, bulky or delicate, such as wing assemblies, aircraft engines, landing gear and satellite components. Regardless of whether these products are for commercial or military aircraft, the right partner will understand the demands of both.

As a leading manufacturer of barrier films and polyethylene packaging, Caltex Plastics offers custom aviation packaging solutions that meet the most rigorous civilian and government standards. Our assorted products are laboratory-tested, largely in-stock and competitively priced to suit your specifications and scale.

The Importance of Packaging in Aviation and Aerospace

In the aeronautics industry, manufacturers need to be aware of many technical and material guidelines for packaging aircraft parts. Inadequate packaging can lead to damage or loss of product, costing a company significant time and money and jeopardizing the safety of the craft. It's crucial to select an aviation packaging manufacturer that utilizes high-performance materials with well-documented resources and certifications.

A4A Spec 300 — or Specification for Packaging of Airline Supplies — details the design and procurement of suitable packaging for parts and irreplaceable rotables. Other regulations, like those in military standard documents (MIL-STD), establish the benchmarks that manufacturers must meet for the safe transport and storage of components. The MIL-STD further includes numerous specifications for barrier material properties, otherwise known as MIL-SPEC.

Caltex Plastics manufactures and distributes an array of MIL-SPEC packaging products for the safe travel and warehousing of aircraft parts. Although regulations like those above are subject to change, you can trust Caltex to continue adhering to the latest aerospace packaging regulations to keep you compliant in the future.

Whether you need aviation packaging for shipping parts after fabrication, for assembly or refurbishment, Caltex is experienced in engineering a cost-effective packaging solution for the aerospace industry.

Our Offerings for Aviation and Aerospace Packaging

Caltex Plastics offers multiple machine-made options to protect the electronic and physical integrity of aircraft parts. Our robust barrier materials include:

  • ESD shielding products: Safeguard sensitive electronics with static shielding and conductive plastic packaging.
  • Water-vapor-proof materials: Protection against corrosion and other damages from liquid and humidity.
  • Grease-proof materials: Preserve components and assemblies from contamination.
  • Heat-sealable products: Mitigate the effects of dust and adverse climates.

In addition to our widely available bags and pouches, Caltex Plastics offers puncture-resistant shrouds, wraps and other types of sheeting for satisfying the most complex transportation requirements. Rely on our experienced team to handle the design, production and logistics and distribute the highest-quality packaging to you.

Why Choose Caltex Plastics for Aircraft Parts Packaging?

For over 30 years, our commitment to our customers means doing whatever is necessary to transport materials or components safely. Custom projects are our specialty, and we have the largest selection of rollstock on hand to satisfy increased demand. We also operate 24/7 to meet your tightest delivery schedules.

Learn more about our aviation packaging products by contacting us today.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019