Construction Packaging

Construction Packaging

Caltex Plastics carries various packaging for construction sites. Construction packaging is important, and our selection can help you meet demands on the job site. Choose Caltex Plastics as your construction packaging manufacturer to experience all the benefits we offer. 

The Importance of Packaging in Construction

Packaging materials serve various purposes on the job site, from protecting equipment to identifying and grouping items. These applications are crucial to your employees' abilities to do their jobs effectively. 

Most packaging companies divide construction packaging into three classifications: 

  • Primary packaging: Sales packaging protects and identifies the items inside.
  • Secondary packaging: Strapping or other products bind and group supplies. 
  • Tertiary packaging: Transit products keep items safe during shipping and storage. 

At Caltex Plastics, we understand that packaging is often a construction crew's only way to protect lumber, pallets of supplies and other construction materials. 

Our Construction Packaging Products

We have the largest selection of roll stock on hand. This availability means you can most likely find the packaging materials you need when you shop our inventory. 

We carry various construction packaging products, including building wrap, plastic pallet covers and shrink-wrap. 

Building Wrap for Construction Sites

Building wraps offer unfinished projects shelter from rain and other elements. Despite their ability to resist rain and moisture, building wraps are also breathable, so water vapor can exit the building. Building wrap also doesn't hinder air circulation.

Besides their protection abilities, building wrap can disguise ongoing construction projects. At Caltex Plastics, we offer printing services that can customize building wrap to advertise a construction company while employees work. 

Plastic Pallet Cover Materials

Plastic pallet covers drape over a shipment to secure it during storage. While pallet covers are not waterproof, they protect supplies from contaminants such as moisture and dust. These covers come in various types, including:

  • Clear. Clear pallet covers are usually disposable and act as a basic barrier of protection.
  • Black. Black pallet covers are ideal for hiding the items you store, which deters theft. You can also choose a black cover with a special coating to protect important, sensitive items from the sun. 
  • Thermal. Thermal pallet covers regulate a pallet's temperature. The construction industry doesn't use this material often, but these covers can come in handy protecting electronics from cold weather or cooling fragile items during the summer heat.
  • Reusable. Thermal covers tend to be reusable, and you can choose other plastic pallet covers built for long-term use. Implementing reusable covers can be cost-effective, and doing so brings your operations closer to sustainability. 

Polyethylene material gives our plastic pallet covers the strength to withstand pressure and protect your supplies from various circumstances. 


Shrink-wrap differs from stretch wrap and similar materials because it responds to heat stimuli and constricts. This quality makes shrink-wrap an excellent material for creating a 360-degree layer of protection from various contaminants. 

Many companies choose to use shrink-wrap and pallet covers together for better protection. 

Choose Caltex Plastics as Your Construction Packaging Manufacturer

Connect with our team to learn more about our selection of packaging for construction sites. You can also request a quote on various products, including building wrap, pallet covers and shrink-wrap. 

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019