Electronics Packaging

Electronics Packaging

If you are a producer or distributor of electronic devices, the reliability of your work is only as good as the material protecting it. The components of processors, chips, disk drives, PCB and memory cards are often sensitive to physical and chemical stressors.

Caltex Plastics is a leader in protective packaging for sensitive electronics. We're capable of designing the best custom packaging solution around integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs) and numerous other systems. Our multi-layer barrier materials are resilient and economical. We subject them to rigorous testing and quality control so that your components are assured to function properly once they're removed from their packaging and there are no surprises with latent failures.

How Important Is the Right Packaging for Electronics?

Every day, countless electronic devices are damaged in transit or storage, requiring repairs or discarding altogether. Some manufacturers will invest a significant amount to engineer a casing for the item. A better alternative is selecting pouches, bags, tubing or sleeves formulated from multiple layers of polymers and metals to preserve the product.

Multi-layer flexible electronic packaging can be formulated to protect against threats like moisture, abrasion, corrosion, ultraviolet light and tampering. The packaging material itself also needs to be safe to avoid contaminating the product inside.

Some electronic components are so sensitive that the touch of a human hand is enough to damage the circuitry. That's why we offer electrostatic discharge bags to house even the most delicate electronics, such as our static shielding materials for Faraday cage performance and multi-layer static dissipating films.

Ultimately, proper electronic packaging design must account for all the feasible threats to a product's integrity, and rarely is there a one-size-fits-all solution. The Caltex team is committed to meeting your performance expectations and specifications. Whether your device needs packaging for retail sale, transport for assembly or long-term storage, we are a cost-effective wholesale provider for any situation.

Our Electronic Packaging Offerings

Our inventory of electronic-safe packaging materials gives businesses options to confidently safeguard their components.

For example, our CALDRY barrier material has electrostatic shielding capabilities in addition to low MVTR, high puncture resistance and vacuum packing potential. CPSTAT shielding material is ideal for protecting the most complex electronics like PCBs and disk drives. Anti-static and black conductive packaging also mitigates sparking and corrosion.

Our electronic packaging materials can be widely customized for optimal performance and function. We offer heat-sealed packaging that locks out moisture and semi-opaque materials to help identify the product inside. Package configurations include zipper, gusset, T-seal, and recloseable styles.

Why Choose Caltex Plastics for Protecting Your Electronics?

Our legacy for premium packaging materials spans over three decades, and our inventory includes one of the largest selections of rollstock. Top electronics manufacturers trust the name Caltex today, and our products continue to adhere to MIL-SPEC and FDA regulations. Choose a multi-layer film provider that will work around the clock to complete your order and strive for fast delivery.

We invite you to discuss your plastics needs with us. Learn about the Caltex difference from a knowledgeable representative by contacting us online today.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019