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Packaging plays a significant role whenever you're manufacturing, processing, shipping or storing food and beverage products. This is why Caltex Plastics offers a wide assortment of FDA-certified packaging for food and beverages that provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for your company. Trust our more than 35 years of packaging expertise to deliver high-quality, multi-layer barrier products that exceed your expectations.

The Importance of Food and Beverage Packaging

Packaging performs several essential functions in food and beverage processing and distribution:

  • Protection: The right packaging protects food items against damage during handling and shipping and allows consumers to safely transport them to their homes.
  • Safety: The choice of packaging materials is critical for keeping out moisture, air and other potential sources of contamination. Improper packaging could result in costly product recalls or contribute to food-related illnesses.
  • Quality: Packaging helps maintain excellent food quality by promoting freshness and taste, and by enhancing the appearance of the item.
  • Brand identity: From a marketing perspective, packaging promotes product and brand awareness and makes food and beverages more attractive to consumers.

Our Food and Beverage Packaging Offerings

As a leading food and beverage packaging manufacturer, Caltex Plastics offers three categories of high-quality packaging materials:

  • Foil barrier: Helps to prevent the infiltration of oxygen, moisture and odors that contribute to contamination.
  • Clear barrier: This material offers various protections and contamination-prevention benefits while also allowing consumers to see the item in the store or at home.
  • Metalized barrier: Use this water-resistant barrier material to protect against oxygen and moisture. It also serves as a UV-light barrier to promote freshness.

Examples of our food and beverage packaging product line include:

  • CALVAC6X/CALVAC6X 5.0: These innovative vacuum bags provide an airtight seal and protective barrier that is ideal when packaging perishable food products like beef, fish, poultry and cheese. They provide superior strength, flexibility and clarity.
  • CALVF4: This multi-barrier Mylar bag acts much like a tin can to keep out moisture and prevent corrosion. It's an excellent choice for packaging any food product that requires advanced moisture, odor, light, or oxygen protection to preserve quality and promote freshness.
  • CALVF4M/CALVF4M 2.5: These metalized bags offer exceptional moisture protection, making them an appropriate packaging solution for spices, candies, nuts, and various freeze-dried and dehydrated food items.

Why Choose Packaging Materials From Caltex Plastics?

At Caltex Plastics, our goal is to offer the highest-quality packaging materials at competitive prices for a broad assortment of industries. We maintain a more comprehensive inventory of rollstock than other food and beverage packaging companies, increasing the likelihood that we'll have the right materials for your packaging projects available when you require them.

We're also responsive to the needs of our customers. We'll work with you to develop a custom-tailored food and beverage packaging solution that adds value to your manufacturing and distribution processes. Because we operate around-the-clock, seven days a week, we can deliver our products with short lead times.

To learn more about our packaging for food and beverage products, give us a call at (800) 584-7303 or contact us online today.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019