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Specially designed packaging helps ensure a product arrives in proper condition from the manufacturer or distributor. Through transport, storage and shelf life, there are many pitfalls with safety and efficiency that can cut into profits. A perceptive packaging company can help.

At Caltex Plastics, we supply high-quality packaging for shipments large and small. Our capabilities let us provide distribution packaging for products in bulk, as well as larger items with complex geometries. Whatever your priority — such as cost, delivery speed, shipping weight or sustainability — our packaging products can be tailored to meet your demands or applicable regulations. We regularly perform testing and conduct quality control processes on our products to ensure top-flight performance.

Why Is Packaging in Logistics and Transport Important?

The packaging industry continues to embrace innovation. Advancements in multi-layer flexible packaging materials have given businesses the valuable option to ship more products faster, and often with lower weight and cost than alternative forms of packaging.

There is also the need for flexibility and security in packaging logistics. Particularly in food and beverage distribution, individual pieces and packets need to be organized for efficient storage in inner and outer packaging. Other products might require tamper-resistant designs, vacuum sealing and chemically stable or shock-resistant materials surrounding them for best results.

Above all, the packaging must keep cargo and goods safe and uncontaminated through transport and handling. It's crucial to have a supplier that understands all of these factors for success, which is why Caltex has made it a mission to provide formulated packaging solutions with virtually limitless customizability.

Our Logistics and Transport Packaging Offerings

We stock over 75 different materials with unique barrier properties and densities, many of which are suitable for shipping and storing goods in bulk. Available products include food-grade, medical-grade, military-grade and industrial-grade packaging for specialized applications.

Our electrostatic discharge packaging protects sensitive electronics for transport and storage, preventing static shock damage and other environmental factors like abrasion and moisture from damaging circuitry. We supply wholesale polyethelyne bags and liners, plus pallet covers and films to protect larger shipments in transport or in the warehouse.

Caltex also offers an array of options for packaging, including coloring, labeling and printing. Because our products are also heat-sealable, they can be converted from flat sheets and films into any shape or configuration you choose.

Why Choose Caltex Plastics as Your Shipment Packaging Provider?

When you need safe and compliant packaging for products or equipment, Caltex is the qualified and certified supplier you can trust. Our warehouses have one of the largest inventories of rollstock, and we operate 24/7 to fulfill and ship your packaging. With the highest-quality materials and most responsive services available, we invite you to see why many top companies rely on us.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019