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Those operating in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry have to get prescription and over-the-counter drugs to consumers safely. Depending on the product, protecting merchandise might involve shielding goods from moisture, air and light exposure to prevent contamination. Finding the materials to store or transport shipments safely requires high standards and attention to detail, so partnering with a trustworthy pharmaceutical packaging company is the best way to bring products to market.

Caltex Plastics specializes in the creation of custom bags, tubing, pouches, sheeting and more. Being in business for over 35 years, our professionals have the knowledge, training and experience to draw up a tailored plan for your production needs. Ensure medications, tablets, capsules and other pharmaceuticals get to where they need to be without fear of damage.

The Importance of Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical corporations must abide by guidelines set by the FDA. The type of product you manufacture will determine what type of primary or secondary packaging is in order to prevent units from making contact with environmental elements. Choosing plastic materials with the right features will protect your investments from impact damages, sudden temperature changes, UV exposure and factors that interfere with the quality of a medication.

Working with a pharmaceutical packaging supplier like Caltex Plastics lets you develop a tailored solution for your packaging needs. Our staff listens to the details of your production project to come up with cost-friendly methods that assist with the following:

  • Drug containment: Bundle units together in a way that reduces the chance of product loss.
  • Prolonging shelf-life: Help products reach their destination ready for immediate placement on sales floors.
  • Informing consumers: Caltex Plastics will encase pharmaceuticals so that labels and dosing information are easily legible.

Our Pharmaceutical Packaging Offerings

Caltex Plastics has a state-of-the-art facility in Vernon, California. Our packaging technology allows us to vacuum seal a variety of pharmaceutical products, including original powders and liquids. From stand-up pouches to oxygen- and moisture-proof seals, our offerings allow you to focus on production while we handle the logistics of your orders.

Our pharmaceutical packaging company can provide barriers in the following categories:

Foil Pharmaceutical Barriers

  • CALVF4: One of our bestselling Mylar packaging materials that protects using polyethylene fixed to an aluminum foil layer. The product line is opaque to keep artificial light away from goods. Ideal for over-the-counter drugs such as cough drops.
  • CALVF4N: Solution that contains foil and polyethylene laminates with a nylon exterior for puncture resistance.
  • CALVF4NNX: A highly durable foil packaging solution. Has a double nylon exterior layer for optimal strength.

Metalized Pharmaceutical Barriers 

  • CALVF4M: Drug packaging suitable for liquids and powders. An effective material for storing pharmaceuticals in temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Stores products for one year from the date of packaging.
  • CALPAC 100: Capable of holding products that need to stay within freezing temperature ranges. Allows for less than 0.01% light transmission.
  • CALPAC 1500: Our recommended packaging choice for pharmaceuticals that must not incur any moisture exposure. Our thickest metalized pouch design to date.

Clear Pharmaceutical Barriers

  • CALVAC 6X: Engineered using laminated poly-nylon film. Creates a vacuum seal with a transparent exterior that is FDA- and USDA-compliant.
  • CALVAC 6X 5.0: A stronger version of the CALVAC 6X. Stands strong against punctures and outperforms coextruded films for the packaging of pharmaceuticals.

Why Choose Packaging Materials From Caltex Plastics?

The experts at Caltex Plastics bring pharmaceutical manufacturers flexible packaging options for prescription drugs and products available at the retail level. We connect decision-makers across the U.S. to packaging materials that help prepare for distribution, storage, and sales. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, and you can count on us to manufacture orders 24/7/365 for a quick turnaround.

Want more information about our offerings? Complete a contact form online to get in touch with Caltex Plastics today.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019