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In retail settings, packaging can determine a product's success. Manufacturers must choose whether they want products to be visible through the packaging, what level of branding they want to achieve on products packaged for retail sale, and how they need to protect their products during distribution and storage.

Caltex Plastics is your go-to manufacturer for polyethylene packaging and barrier films. Our product packaging comes in various materials, each of which determines the package's ability to protect against moisture, static electricity buildup and other forms of damage.

The Importance of Packaging in Retail

Retail packaging differs from packaging in other industries. Presentation is crucial to a product's sale, and how you package your products affects how consumers perceive your brand. Instead of filling a package with void fill and creating a shipping label, a retail packaging manufacturer works with clients to create attractive, cost-efficient packaging. The right packaging makes your products stand out and builds your brand reputation. 

A recent survey shows that over 72% of shoppers say packaging influences which products they buy. Check out our resource for more information about how packaging from Caltex Plastics can help increase your company's sales. 

Some products, like those from small businesses, go from production to retail sale, while others are shipped and warehoused. How does distribution affect your packaging needs? Trust Caltex Plastics to incorporate your logo and other visual elements into your custom retail packaging design. 

Our Retail Packaging Options

At Caltex Plastics, we carry a variety of wholesale retail packaging supplies, including:

  • Foil barriers: Foil barriers offer excellent protection against various contaminants, including odors, oxygen and moisture. The foil can also protect against light, which may bleach a product during its shelf life. 
  • Metallized barriers: These water-resistant barriers prevent oxygen and moisture from damaging products. We offer various metallized solutions, including bags that stand up or zip.
  • Clear barrier: Clear barriers combine protection with visibility. Customers can see the items in the package, and products have effective protection against moisture, oxygen and odor. 

We offer water and vapor-proof, grease-proof, heat-sealable and static shielding products. Our most popular stock products are CALVF4 foil barriers. This packaging is perfect for sensitive products that need increased protection from moisture and corrosion. CALVF4 is a Mylar bag that offers moisture, oxygen and light protection, making it ideal for the retail sale of food and other products. We also specialize in custom product packaging that meets your exact specifications, including scale, functionality and aesthetic needs.

Why Work With Caltex Plastics for Retail Packaging?

Over the past 30 years, Caltex Plastics has exceeded our customers' expectations with every order. We have a large selection of on-hand rollstock as well as bags and pouches. We offer competitive lead times on custom orders and stock products, and our team works 24/7 to help you meet tight delivery schedules. 

Contact us today for more information about stock solutions and custom retail packaging designs. 

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019