Polyethylene Covers Wholesale

Caltex Plastics has decades of experience serving customers as their wholesale plastic pallet cover distributor. Our polyethylene covers protect products from contamination and secure a load on a pallet. Thanks to our wide selection of poly covers, you can find an option for your business that keeps your merchandise safe.

Types of Poly Cover Plastic Sheeting

At Caltex Plastics, we act as both plastic pallet cover wholesale distributor and custom manufacturers. Allow us to develop a custom solution for your business. We can manufacture according to specifications such as:

  1. Thickness: Plastic poly cover sheeting can come in thicknesses ranging anywhere from 1.5 to 8.0 mils. Most pallet covers have a thickness between .8 and 6.0 mils, and we offer polyethylene in thicknesses up to 8.0 mils.

  2. Width: Poly covers designed for covering pallets tend to come in widths meant to accommodate the customer's pallets. However, we can also manufacture them in custom widths for special situations.

  3. Resin: We can produce polyethylene with LDPE or LLDPE resins. Special resins can be used in shrink applications.

  4. Color: Most poly covers come in clear, black or white plastic in high, medium or low slip. While clear sheeting makes it simple to see the contents of a pallet, opaque colors can shield sensitive materials. Additionally, we can add UVI which increases the longevity.

We will work with you to find the polyethylene covers that suit your company's needs.

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Uses for Polyethylene Covers

Polyethylene sheet covers have two common purposes suited to different types of sheeting:

  1. Laying on top of a pallet: A thicker sheet of polyethylene can go on top of a pallet for added protection. In most cases, the customer then adds shrink wrap over the entire pallet.

  2. Encasing a pallet: Thinner, heat-responsive poly sheets come in a tube that wraps over the entire pallet. The user can securely cover the pallet or use heat to shrink the plastic for a tighter fit.

The covering method used during packaging depends on the fragility of the products, transportation method and other factors.

Plastic Pallet Cover Materials

Our facility uses polyethylene when manufacturing our plastic sheeting for pallets. Due to its multiple resin types, we can produce it in a wide range of thicknesses and compositions. Polyethylene can hold and protect products ranging from medical supplies to commercial items. It has high resistance to many acids, bases, reducing agents and oxidants, as well as high impact.

Customers of Poly Cover Plastic Sheeting

Manufacturers in a variety of industries use pallets to transport goods throughout warehouses and when trucking long distances. At Caltex Plastics, we primarily work with electronics manufacturers and food processors when handling the manufacturing industry. However, we welcome anyone in need of pallet covers to consult us about our products.

Count on Caltex Plastics as Your Custom Pallet Covers Distributors

Let Caltex Plastics provide the custom solution you need for your pallet covers. With one of the largest selections of rollstock on hand and 24/7 customer service, we can accommodate your company's needs. To learn more about our products and services, contact our team online.

Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Responsive to customer needs
  • Provide custom tailored packaging
  • Customer support (technical, brochures, spec sheets, test data, applications)
  • Competitive pricing
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  • Over 1 millions pounds of product shipped monthly
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  • Large inventory of stock sizes
  • National warehousing in the U.S. both west and east coasts.
  • Stocking locations in Asia and Europe (more locations soon)
  • World wide network of qualified distributors


  • Over 50 materials in stock
  • Wide variety of packaging options
  • Customer bag configurations
  • Specialize in short run and custom production
  • Progressive quality control procedures and testing
  • Manufacture 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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Last updated: December 21st, 2020