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Liners made of polyethylene — also known as poly bin liners — are highly versatile plastic liners. They’re commonly used to give an added lining and layer of protection to containers such as flexible intermediate bulk containers — or FIBCs — as well as bulk bags and even boxes.

What Are Poly Liners Used For?

Bulk bags and FIBCs are often constructed from a polypropylene weave that offers a good deal of resistance to potential damage from harmful chemicals and substances. Moreover, their wear and tear is greatly reduced when their use is combined with poly liners for an added layer of protection. In addition, poly liners prevent finer materials, such as powders and granular products, from escaping through the seams and exposed weaves of bulk bags.

For many applications, polyethylene liners are simply a smart choice. However, across other industrial uses, poly liners are often a regulatory requirement to prevent the contamination of bulk goods. Since these liners can be used to store and move almost any types of goods, their applications spread across nearly every major industry.

Predictably, the food and pharmaceutical industries lead the way in using — and often requiring — poly liners. Since the food industry often uses powders and finely ground substances in the processes associated with food production, keeping these substances free of contaminants is a top priority that our polyethylene FDA box liners help fulfill. Likewise, in the pharmaceutical industry, any contamination must be avoided at all costs, from raw materials to end products.

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Types of Liners

Since poly liner uses are varied, we offer a wide selection of polyethylene products to choose from. From lightweight garment bags all the way up to heavy-duty, FDA-approved box liners, we’re capable of filling most poly liner orders thanks to our 16 monolayer extruders.

Three common classifications of plastic liners and sheeting are as follows:

  1. Linear low-density polyethylene: Also known as LLDPE, this option is one of the most popular, affordable and flexible forms of plastic liners.

  2. Low-density polyethylene: Commonly referred to as LDPE, this form of plastic sheeting is often used in surface protection as a cover or tarp.

  3. High-density polyethylene: For the most robust form of plastic sheeting, we offer wholesale HDPE liners that are also highly resistant to the harmful effects of UV lighting.

Custom Liners

With more than three decades of experience manufacturing all types of packaging materials for commercial, industrial and military applications, our Caltex Plastics team is always ready to customize our poly products to fit your specific needs and requirements. We can accommodate orders for liners in thicknesses ranging from .23 mil to 8.0 mil, in widths varying from five inches to 200 inches and in your choice of low- or high-density resins.

The Caltex Difference

At Caltex Plastics, it’s our mission to provide each and every one of our customers with top-quality products, outstanding service and affordable pricing. Since 1984, we’ve been exceeding the expectations of customers from coast to coast — and beyond. Let us do the same for you.

To learn more about our full line of polyethylene liners, contact us today.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019