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How do you deliver well-protected products with lightweight packaging that helps reduce waste and transportation costs? The answer is to work with Caltex Plastics to have full access to wholesale plastic packaging products that are tested, affordable and designed around your needs.

No matter what product you need packaged, we can help — from large runs to custom orders. We carry vast amounts of rollstock, and our 24/7 operating schedule means you’ll have your order in the timeliest fashion possible.

Note the type of savings and efficiency manufacturers, distributors and transporters can look forward to when using Caltex-quality poly bag products. In fact, the American Chemistry Council reports that when plastic packaging is used, it requires, on average, 38 percent less material by weight than steel containers — and 90 percent less than when glass is used. Additionally, when plastic is utilized in place of fiberboard containers, it can reduce the average delivery truck’s load weight by more than 700 pounds.

Our Packaging Products

As a leading polyethylene packaging manufacturer, we provide high-quality packaging solutions for applications ranging from perishable food and beverage items to sensitive electronic and military components. All of our solutions are customizable, and after more than 30 years in the business, we’re ready to meet the standards and requirements of even the most challenging projects — from MIL-SPEC to FDA compliances.

We regularly supply innovative and cost-effective solutions for the following categories of packaging products:

At Caltex Plastics, we offer a selection of high-quality, cost-effective solutions to protect a wide range of products during transportation, storage or retail sale.

Poly Bags and Tubing

When your products need the protection of poly bags and tubing, you can rely on us as a leading poly bag manufacturer in the USA to cater to all of your needs. Thanks to our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we can manufacture polyethylene products for a range of applications, including pallet covers and box liners. We’re also able to manufacture film for tubing, single-wound sheeting and centerfold.


Only the best is acceptable when you need plastics products for military applications. We provide both machine-manufactured and hand-made products for an array of uses and in a wide range of sizes. Available in tubing, roll stock and pouch form, all the materials that we use can be adapted to meet MIL-DTL-117. We have six-color and thermal transfer printing capabilities. In addition, we specialize in small quantities and custom size requirements.

Industrial and Commercial

As an experienced plastic barrier pouch manufacturer, we have more than 75 different types of flexible, heat-sealable laminates — including those based on paper, nylon, poly and aluminum foil — to create custom products for industrial and commercial use. Available options include zipper and flat pouches, roll stock and tubing. In addition, we offer a range of features, including one-color thermal transfer printing, tamper-proof packaging, corrosion-inhibiting materials and radiant barrier/heat reflective material.

Electrostatic Discharge Packaging

When you need electrostatic discharge packaging — or ESD — to protect your products, look no further than Caltex Plastics. Thanks to the durable metal construction integrated into them, our economically priced solutions provide highly effective Faraday Cage performance that shields sensitive electronic components against static charges. We also offer a QPL Mil-Spec-qualified static shield CPSTAT 100M (MIL-PRF 81705B TY III, CL.2).

Our moisture barrier line provides varying degrees of barrier and ESD protection, with materials ranging in thickness from 3.6 mil to 8 mil and available in both transparent and opaque appearance.

Our moisture barrier line provides varying degrees of barrier and ESD protection, with materials ranging in thickness from 3.6 mil to 8 mil and available in both transparent and opaque appearance.

Food Packaging

We offer a range of oxygen and moisture barrier materials to protect your food products from oxygen, moisture and odor — and as a result, extend their shelf life. The bags are available in custom sizes and stand-up, zipper and flat form. Available features include tamper-proof packaging, vacuum applications, freezer applications and shaped pouches.

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Whether it’s pouches, bags, sheeting or tubing, we offer the packaging materials you need at an affordable price. Plus, with a large inventory, coast-to-coast warehousing and a vast network of distributors, we won’t keep you waiting when you have a rush order.

We’ve been exceeding our customers’ expectations since 1984, and we can do the same for you. To learn more about our plastic packaging products at wholesale prices, contact us today.

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