CALDRY 100 Electrostatic Barrier Packaging

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When you are seeking a budget-friendly and fully effective packaging solution for an industry that uses moisture-sensitive or electrostatic discharge-sensitive components, look to Caltex Plastics and CALDRY 100 electrostatic barrier packaging.

Protecting your components for storage and shipping is a crucial part of your operation, so you need to find a packaging solution that you can be confident in without paying a fortune. Numerous businesses across a range of industries have learned that they can save money and protect their vital components by turning to Caltex for wholesale CALDRY 100 barrier bags.

Protective Properties of CALDRY 100 Electrostatic Barrier Bags

If you have been using nylon or foil laminates for your protective shipping bags, now you have a more economical and effective solution thanks to Caltex Plastics. Our CALDRY 100 bags feature a 3.6-mil multi-layer construction with terrific moisture, static field and tribocharging resistance. We print each bag using a thermal transfer process that does not harm the bag’s electrical or physical integrity. Bags are available in Class 100 clean if required. These bags have an extremely low MVTR for superior moisture protection.

What Can You Use CALDRY 100 Electrostatic Barrier Packaging For?

Any industry that involves the shipping or storage of delicate components is a great candidate for CALDRY 100 ESD barrier packaging. With its static-dissipative inner and outer surfaces, you can put your electronically sensitive devices in this package with confidence.

The puncture-resistant packaging means that you are free to put any oddly shaped, hard or sharp-edged components in the bag with confidence, even when you subject them to vacuum packaging. Package chip rails, trays, disk caddies and more without a problem.

The low MVTR means that if humidity or any kind of moisture could damage your components, CALDRY 100 will keep them safe.

CALDRY 100 packaging is lightweight, has low outgassing properties and contains no amines or amides. This packaging is also completely N-Octanoic acid-free.

Call on Caltex Plastics and CALDRY 100 bags for your components in the pharmaceutical industry, electronics, manufacturing, military and more. Each bag is date and lot coded for easy tracking. Bags are available as zipper pouches or with side or bottom gusset designs.

Will CALDRY 100 Electrostatic Barrier Bags Meet My Industry’s Regulations?

If your industry has specific regulations that your parts and packaging need to meet, CALDRY 100 electrostatic barrier bags are ideal. They are lead-free, conflict materials-compliant and RoHS 2 and REACH regulations compliant. Our electrostatic barrier bags meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 program requirements, as well.

Buy CALDRY 100 ESD Barrier Bags From CALTEX Plastics

Manufacturing a range of packaging products to protect your components is our specialty. You will feel totally secure storing and shipping even your most sensitive products in our packages. We have a full inventory ready and waiting to fill your order, and we operate around the clock, so we can get you the bags you need fast. To get your bags right away, call us at 1-800-584-7303 or contact us online with your order now.


- Good moisture barrier.
- Light weight and puncture resistant: easily conforms to the shape of products during vacuum packaging.
- For packaging of SMD's in trays, tape and reel, chip rails, and disk caddies.
- Static dissipative inner and outer surfaces.
- Available in class 100 clean.
- Features low outgassing properties
- Date and lot coded for traceability.
- Contains no amines ot amides and is N-Octanoic acid free.
- Thermal transfer identification print is standard.
- Available in zipper, side, and bottom gusset configurations.
- Lead-free RoHS 2, REACH, and conflict Minerals compliant.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019

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