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If you supply products intended for federal facilities or military units, you must use packaging that meets the latest military specifications (MIL-SPECS) outlined by the Department of Defense (DoD). Military units face dangerous conditions and hazardous environments that exceed the standards for commercial packaging.

At Caltex Plastics, we stay up to date on all of the latest DoD guidelines, and we make it easy to find MIL-SPEC packaging solutions that meet the necessary standards. Our CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M packaging is on the Qualified Products List (QPL) for MIL-PRF-131K Class 1 (general) use, perfect for packing a wide range of sensitive components. As a leading supplier of CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M packaging material, we create affordable solutions that meet your needs and specifications.

Protection Properties and Uses of CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M Packaging Materials

CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M is a heavy-duty, foil-based laminate that provides a dependable barrier against the elements. Our CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M packaging protects from moisture and is compliant with the standards outlined in MIL-DTL-117. This foil is waterproof, greaseproof and heat-sealable to eliminate gaps and minimize the risk of contamination from residues and component outgassing. Side, bottom and zipper configurations are available to match your needs.

We offer CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M foil designed to provide total protection during storage, transportation and transfer in challenging conditions. Our foil packaging materials provide superior resistance to chemicals and corrosion and offer excellent protection against punctures and tears due to high tensile strength. Lightweight and flexible, our CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M conforms easily to product shapes during the vacuum process and is safe for use with nitrogen flushing for long-term food storage.

Why Choose Caltex Plastics for Custom CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M Packaging?

At Caltex Plastics, we have over 35 years of experience manufacturing custom shipping and packaging solutions that meet strict DoD standards. We are the trusted CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M packaging material supplier for customers in a wide range of industries. Our products meet the latest federal requirements to ensure your items are protected and compliant with all relevant specifications.

With customized solutions for your packaging needs, Caltex Plastics is your source for where to buy CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M. The advantages of partnering with us include:

  • Outstanding customer service: Our customer service is unmatched in the industry. We will tailor a solution that meets your needs, specifications and budget.
  • Short lead times on custom orders: We offer CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M packaging for sale in a range of dimensions with multiple options for customization.
  • Fast delivery for all products: With inventory locations on three continents and an extensive network of connected distributors, we get your products to you fast.

Buy CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M Packaging in the Dimensions You Need

It is critical that your packaging meets current standards. At Caltex Plastics, we provide solutions that exceed your expectations. For more information about our CALPAC ULTRAFOIL 500M packaging for sale or to request an estimate, contact us online.

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- Superior chemical resistance.
- Excellent puncture and tear resistance.
- Linear low density Polyethylene inner layer for easy sealability.
- Low MVTR. Protects against damage caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen, odors, and other airborne contaminants.
- Lightweight and puncture resistant. Easily conforms to the shape of products during vacuum packaging.
- Suitable for vacuum packaging applications requiring nitrogen flushing.
- Available in Class 100 clean.
- Date and lot coded for traceability.
- Thermal transfer identification print is standard.
- Available in zipper, side and bottom gusset configurations.
- Lead-free RoHS 2, REACH and Conflict Minerals compliant.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019

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