CALVF4C Plastic Packaging Bags

multi color and size foil bags
silver and black foil bags
red and blue foil bags


CALVF 4C is ideal for packaging coffee and food products where protection against moisture and oxygen is necessary. It has a wide range of uses including vacuum packaging where high barrier film with low MVTR properties is needed. The CALVF4C can also be equipped with degassing valve used primarily to protect products that are organically active. A wide range of colors are available.


  • MOISTURE VAPOR TRANSMISSION RATE (ASTM F1249) - <.0003 gr./100 in² 24 hrs.
  • O2 TRANSMISSION RATE (MOCON) - <.0006 cc/100 in² 24 hrs.
  • TENSILE STRENGTH (ASTM-D 882) LBS. AT BREAK - MD 4206 psi & XMD 4206 psi
  • TEAR ELMENDORF (ASTM-1992) - MD .53 lbf & XMD .59 lbf
  • SEAL STRENGTH (ASTM-F88-99) 375o F; 26psi: 1 sec - >13.5 Lbs./in.
  • BURSTING STRENGTH (FTMS 191-C, 5122) - >80 Lbs./in.²
  • PUNCTURE STRENGTH (FTMS 101C METHOD 2065) - >25 Lbs.

SHELF-LIFE / STOAGE CONDITIONS: 1 year from date of manufacture when stored between 60-80 degrees F, humidity between 40-60% and kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight.


- Keeps out odors and oxygen to help prevent your food product from becoming fouled.
- Ideal for applications that require low oxygen levels.
- Effective light, moisture, odor, and oxygen barrier.
- Helps prevent oxidation, corrosion, and moisture related damage to components.
- Increases longevity and shelf life of food products.
- FDA and USDA compliant material, safe for food.
- Shields against light, to prevent UV damage and to help keep the temperature of your product stable.

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Last updated: November 15th, 2019

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