MIL-PRF-121G Type I

MIL-PRF-121G type 1 bags
MIL-PRF-121G kraft paper bag
kraft paper and polyethylene milspec
uppened kraft paper bag


Buy MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 Packaging

To transport and store printed circuit boards, integrated circuits and microchips safely, use MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 packaging. Manufacturers count on this durable packaging to maintain the physical and electronic integrity of the sensitive material inside. This flexible, waterproof, greaseproof and heat-sealable packaging will ensure your products stay safe no matter if you're transporting, storing or selling them.

For over three decades, Caltex Plastics has been a leading MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 packaging manufacturer. Our unmatched inventory of rollstock is on hand to meet your needs. We're also available 24/7 to provide fast, reliable service and on-time delivery.

Features of MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 Packaging

Sensitive materials must be protected from potential damage and be able to get to their ultimate destination safely. Our wholesale MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 packaging comes in different thicknesses based on your product. We value our workmanship and make sure all packaging is free of any holes, tears, cuts, wrinkles and more before it gets to you. Once our packaging ends up in your hands, you can have peace of mind knowing it will meet your needs.

When you buy our MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 packaging for sale, you benefit from:

  • Greaseproof, waterproof packaging made with Kraft paper and polyethylene
  • Heat-sealable pouches
  • No amines or amides and N-Octanoic free
  • Polycarbonate compatible
  • And more

Applications for MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 Packaging

The most common applications of MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 packaging are to transport, store and sell:

  • Integrated circuits
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Chips and microchips
  • Other sensitive materials

This packaging is strong and durable, which makes it a smart solution for all types of electronic devices and components. PCBs, ICs and other electronic products used in military applications are vulnerable to corrosion when exposed to harsh environments. With a high level of seal strength and tensile strength, MIL-PRF-121G Type 1 packaging can protect its contents from the elements for an extended length of time. 

Zipper closure options are also available to make it easier for your customers to keep their electronics secure. Using this solution is as easy as placing the product inside the package, making sure it's closed tightly and then preparing it for transport or storage.

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- Ideal for packaging of PCB's and IC's
- Extremely durable buried metal construction give Faraday Cage performance needed to shield against static charges.
- Available with zipper closures.
- Contains no amines or amides, is N-Octanoic acid free and is polycarbonate compatible.
- Custom printing and thermal transfer are available.
- Side gussett, bottom gussett, and T-Seal bag configurations.


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made in the usa aib international certified defense standardization program fda approved

Last updated: April 28th, 2020

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